Sunday, July 3, 2016

My learnings from June 2016 India Startup Exploration trip  - Part 1 Why

Wanted to spend a month in india understanding india startup ecosystem and if and how it can fit into my future career plans .Here are broad themes that drove me to spend 30 days in india 

  1. India GDP is growing better than rest of the world and will continue to be so for next 3 years at least .
  2. India startup ecosystem is booming although it is all about e-commerce lead boom, but good thing is its created handful of homegrown unicorn ($1B) giving positive momentum to entrepreneurship in general .
  3.  My personal belief to use my skills (Technology +entrepreneurship) acquired in US and Europe to apply to solve india specific problems 
  4.  As indian economy grows there would be big opportunities for organizing unorganized sectors of economy like retail,restaurant,agriculture etc ,
  5.  Also i believed because of above mentioned points 1) and 2) there is great economic prize to be won by solving local problems which seems to be only few big greenfield opportunities left in entire world.

Although 30 days is too short period to conclude anything but i felt it is better than sitting in Boston making decision one way or other about real india opportunity .I wanted to understand and measure on these 3 factors  

  •  Timing (i.e is it right time and also how long it will take to establish a successful venture ) 
  •  Size of opportunity (although it varies on the idea itself but broadly speaking market size ) 
  •  Skill ( Personal skill that can be deployed in indian context how valuable it is and whats the gap to fill ) although these are no different parameters than to measure any venture i wanted to see from purely indian context perspective .

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